cabin 3, then 5 (white), 6 is behind the bush and 7 off in distance
Taken from central firepit area.

Manitoulin Cabins

Clean, comfortable, reminscent of a 1960’s fishing trip with pa. 

Each cabin is different.  All beds are double beds.  All the bedding is supplied. 3-piece bathrooms.  The kitchens have a fridge, propane cook-stove (no oven), and all the kitchenware is supplied.  The cabins are simple: no microwaves,  televisions, computer hook-ups.  Each cabin has table & chairs for dining, and either a couch or chairs.  Some cabins are fairly large, others are quite small.  Please bring your own dish-cleaning supplies, towel & toiletries.  Please note we do not supply any food (condiments, sugar, salt or pepper) and our coffee makers are quite small. 

The water from every tap is fully treated (filtered, UV treated & chlorination) and safe to drink and cook with. 


Cabin 3 is on the water.  Central to the site, has a covered porch for those lazy days. Two bedrooms. 


Cabin 5 is right on the water.  Waterfront deck.  This cabin has 3 separate bedrooms.  


Cabin 6 is right on the water. Waterfront deck, rear & front entrances.  The smallest cabin. Two bedroom


Cabin 7 is the last cabin on the waterfront.  More private, slightly bigger, mostly shade(trees). Single pull-out couch and two bedrooms. 


Cabin 8 off the lake, but a nice view of the lake.  A nice big cabin with two larger bedrooms, a larger living room & kitchen and a great deck.   Propane oven with 4-burner stovetop.  


Cabin 9 our biggest cabin.   For a virtual tour, click here.  One room has a double bed and the other room has two double beds for a total of 3 beds.  Larger living area.  Not on the waterfront.  Propane oven with 4 burner top.


Cabin 10 is a bit off the water.  A bigger cabin with its own grassy area to spread out on.  Two bedroom.  


Cabins 1economy cabin: right on the water, built in the 1930’s.  One room with two ¾ size beds (not quite a double).  Kitchenette, table & chairs, and fridge. Heat is wood stove. Must collect water from an outside tap and use the central showerhouse for showers and toilets.  This cabin is old small and cheap to rent. 



Manitoulin resort

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